The following are the most frequently asked questions about our Group:

  • I am interested in joining. May I attend a meeting before becoming a member?

    Absolutely! Please refer to our By-Laws page for membership requirements. We also ask that you please RSVP that you will be attending. You may attend one regular meeting prior to becoming a member. Notice: No solicitors please and restrictions apply. You cannot attend special meetings for free which we are charging a fee for non-members.

  • I don't want a yearly membership. Can I "pay as I go" and attend meetings whose topics pertain to my situation?

    Absolutely! If you wish to attend select meetings, the cost is $25/meeting payable at the door. Please register on our website so that we can make lunch arrangements.

  • Is the Group a SHRM Chapter?

    No. The membership has decided to maintain the Group separate from SHRM to better focus on local issues and networking. There are SHRM Chapters in Boulder and Fort Collins.

  • My company has a membership. Can we send anyone to attend the meetings?

    The individual attending the meetings must meet the requirements listed in our By-Laws. Other than that, companies may send different people to the meetings. We realize some topics may not apply to the same individual in your company. Along the same lines, if the individual who normally attends the meetings leaves your company, their replacement can take their place.

  • Is a company membership good for only one person?

    Yes. If your company would like to send more than one individual, they will need to pay dues for each person.

  • May I bring a guest?

    Guests are always welcome! Guests often turn into members! If you would like to bring a guest to a regular meeting, simply mention the guest when you RSVP to attend the meeting. We will have a name tag and lunch prepared for them. We ask that guests only attend once before becoming members. Notice: No solicitors please and restrictions apply. Guests cannot attend special meetings which we are charging a fee for non-members.

  • Why are dues collected for membership?

    Dues are collected to cover the cost of lunches, professional speakers, Group marketing, etc.

  • I joined after the first of the year. Will my dues be pro-rated?

    Yes. Dues are pro-rated based upon when you become a member.

  • How is the meeting location determined?

    Members are asked to offer to host meetings at their company. Often the hosting member will also generously cover the cost of the lunch. If your company does not have the facilities to host a meeting but would like to, please contact a member of the Executive Committee. You may be able to co-host a meeting at another members' location.

  • May I be a speaker at a monthly meeting?

    All requests to present at a monthly meeting should be directed to the Executive Committee. Topics for the year are selected by the members via a survey in October and speakers are contacted based upon topics identified.